The benefits of Stop Motion Animation



We were recently challenged with finding a way to market our print services. The twist was how to create something both engaging and informative in a digital age where print is often lost in the noise of motion graphics? We would have to find a way to utilise the assets of the digital world while presenting the illusion of the raw and tangible nature of print. The solution? Stop motion.

One of the earliest forms of animation, stop motion is the process of capturing physical objects one frame at a time then playing them back to give the impression that it’s moving. There’s rawness to the style that compliments the nature of print and makes the movement of normally static items almost believable. But we didn’t feel moving pieces of paper alone would hit the mark we were targeting. We wanted to bring the piece to life by giving it a personality and greater emotional appeal. So we brainstormed some quirks and crafted some animated overlays and as a result a seamless blend of ZULU 8’s services was born.

We’re happy to present to you the newest addition to our creative suite exclusively here. We hope you enjoy the finished video as much as we enjoyed making it!