Six Ways to Beat a Creative Block

Posted: 14/11/2017 by Penelope Astridge

Sometimes in design it’s the simplest things that can make all the difference, and sometimes it’s those very things we tend to overlook. Whether it’s due to inexperience, tight deadline stress or the ultimate evil – creative block – we all have our moments of wondering what’s wrong with this piece? For this reason we’ve compiled a list of simple things you can check and do to have your job meet a professional standard.

Grids are great

As tempting as it is to design by eye it’s not always the most efficient or effective way to achieve a professional result. Grids are a great way of balancing your layout by allowing you to maintain consistency in your design and the result it a greater overall reader experience.

Set your margins to wide

When elements of your layout creep too close to the edge it can give the impression of there being too much content and can deter the reader from wanting to take in all of that information. Try increasing your margins to allow for more white space around the edges of your layout.

Control your colours

Unless you’re designing a page full of confetti and rainbows try to limit your colour palette to just a few colours. Typically the brand you’re working with will have already designated these for you but in instances where you have free reign aim for two or three. This will help to avoid cluttering your art with unnecessary distractions and draw attention to the important stuff.

The colour of images

On the topic of colour, pulling some from the images in your layout could help to seamlessly blend your layout and that could make all the difference. Maybe it’s a bit of blue from a shirt or pink from a flower; pulling a colour from a key image and using it as one of the feature or highlight colours of your design may be that finishing touch you’re missing.

Info + graphics

Infographics can look daunting at first, but theymay be a way of removing bulk copy from your layout without eliminating any key data. This will alsohelp you avoid the monotony ofcountless pages of text where imagery is limited. Infographics work because they are visually engaging and can provide us with a lot of information at a glance.

Find inspiration

We all suffer from creative block from time-to-time.There’s no shame in searching for ideas. In fact, we encourage it; never stop looking. Search art and design websites, peruse books even template sites can throw you the odd bone. Build your mental library. Save inspirational images to a designated folder on your desktop or make a scrapbook of designs and layouts that have caught your attention. These things will go a long way to help inspire you to beat that dreaded block.

These are just some of the things you can try to help boost you over that final design hurdle. We’d be interested to hear if any of these simple tricks help you out or if there’s anything you do to help complete those pesky layouts that just aren’t working – What do you do to beat the block?